Melanotan Helps Keep Fair Skinned Individuals From Burning in the Sun

The mapping of the human DNA has led to some interesting new products. One product utilizes the same principles found in the body's system of receptors to generate more pigmentation. Known as Melanotan, the new product replicates the same processes used by the body to create melanin, which is the key component in skin pigmentation. People who choose to use the new formula can actually achieve deeper, darker tans. The tan a person develops through the use of Melanotan will be in keeping with their natural skin pigmentation. Fair skinned individuals will develop rich golden tans, while dark skinned individuals will develop deep bronze tans.

The Benefits of Tanning

One of the reasons people choose to use Melanotan is to avoid the dangers associated with being exposed to the sun's UV rays. People with light skin have a tendency to burn if their skin is not protected with a high SPF sunscreen. The susceptibility to burning could also lead to skin cancer. Using Melanotan allows the skin to develop darker pigmentation when exposed to the sun, thus reducing the effects of burning and the potential of developing skin cancer. This beneficial effect is due to the saturation of pigment within the skin cells that Melanotan provides.

Additional Benefits

As a naturally formulated hormone, Melanotan has also proven effective for controlling appetite. Some people choose to take this peptide as an alternative method for suppressing their hunger when they want to lose weight. It has also been shown to help fight against skin inflammation and assist in certain sexual functions. Although all of the benefits provided by melanotan are desirable, the primary benefit of the hormone is its ability to create more pigmentation for the skin. Melanotan is an injectible formula that can be used year round to give skin a natural healthy glow.

Beauty and health should always go together

The average person today has a wealth of information at their fingertips about almost every subject. But at the same time it's often surprising just how little many people know about health risks. Or, rather, that's the impression that one will often get when looking out at the world. It's easy to assume that people simply don't know about the risks involved with various activities. For example, people often engage in crash diets in order to look better. And people still head out to bask under the sun for a great tan even though the link to cancer and leathery skin has long been established. In reality it's more often the case that people know about the risks and simply place their immediate appearance above their long term health. Obviously everyone's allowed to do whatever they want with their own body. But it's a shame that those same people don't do just a little bit more research. Because in reality almost anything that comes at the cost of health can also be had in a far healthier way.

A great tan can come with great safety

In the case of tanning, one simply needs to use something known as melanotan. The secret of melanotan is that it's not really the tan that's unhealthy. A tan is simply an accumulation of a natural pigment called melanin within the skin's surface. What's unhealthy is the long term exposure to the sun which actually prompts the release of melanin. But melanotan tells the body to simply release as much melanin as possible the second sun touches the skin. This provides one with a great tan without risking any overly dangerous level of exposure to the sun. This, in turn, creates an actual healthy tan. It means that people can be healthy, happy and beautiful.


To tan or not to tan

Many people wonder whether there's ever a good reason to tan. A natural complexion can be a boon to appearance, too. However, the majority of people agree that a great tan is a terrific way to look healthier and better. How to find out? It's simple. Tan a few sessions and you'll see how you look after you tan. If you like what you see, then you can move onto more serious questions about how healthy you think the tanning bed is for you. There are legions of people who won't tan in a tanning bed, yet they're unable to pick up enough rays in the sun to ever develop a healthy tan. So they turn to tanning beds. If you're one of these people, you might benefit from melanotan injections. These tanning injections give you the skin color you want without exposing you to what some people consider unhealthy rays.

Risks and benefits

The most obvious benefit of tanning injections is that you're going to get a much more instant tan. Many people agree that this type of tan looks just as natural as a tanning bed tan which is terrific. You get instant results without having to lay under a hot tanning bed all during your busy work week. It's just easier to do injections than it is to lay there and feel like you're burning. The skin isn't exposed to rays that damage it and you move on with a great tan. That doesn't mean that there aren't risks too. It's true that this form of tanning is fairly new and over the years more may be discovered about it. Get as many facts as you can and make a decision over whether this type of tanning is right for you. 

Many people look forward to the summer months when they can spend time soaking up the rays of the sun. While the sun's rays can give people a golden tan, they can also give people skin cancer. Fortunately there is a revolutionary new product for those individuals who want the look of having a golden brown tan, without the risk of skin cancer. The new product is called melanotan, and it is designed to work differently than the topical skin creams advertised as tanning products. Melanotan is not a cream that is applied to the surface of the skin, but an injectable that works within the cells.

The Science of Tanning

Getting a tan is actually a chemical reaction that takes place within the body. Every body has internal receptors that act in conjunction with certain chemicals the body releases. In the case of skin color, the chemicals are released for pigmentation. Melanotan works the same way as the natural chemicals produced by the body. When the liquid is injected beneath the layer of skin it connects with the pigmentation receptors to make the skin a darker color. The color comes from the inside out so it will not wash or rub off like the tans produced from topical creams.

The Advantages of Melanotan

The best advantage to this new tanning method is the ability to obtain a healthy looking tan without spending hours underneath harmful rays. The tan can also be achieved any time of the year regardless of where a person happens to live. Because melanotan works like the body's own chemicals for pigmentation, the coloring results are always in keeping with what the body would naturally produce. People with light or fair skin will obtain glowing sun-kissed tans while people with darker pigmentation will get deeper bronze colored tans.


Beauty and risk have often gone hand in hand

Beauty has long been one of the most important ideals of civilization. Some of the oldest myths and legends involve people striving to protect or gain beauty for themselves. Braving danger to gain beauty in one form or another is a myth as old as time. But it's one of those things that is far better as fiction than reality. There was a time when beauty only came with danger. But it's a compromise people should never be forced into these days. One of the last holdovers of those days was tanning. Anyone today would agree that a tan will look amazing on almost everybody. But at the same time it's now known that long term exposure to the sun will come with significant health risks. People often make an incorrect assumption that this means that tanning itself is dangerous. But in reality it's actually quite easy to get a great, natural, tan without any kind of risk.

The safe way to get a great tan

The secret of a safe tan comes from understanding just how tanning works in the first place. Tanning involves the release of melanin when sunlight begins to damage the skin. Melanin in turn is what creates the bronzed look that people are after. But it's possible to speed up the release of melanin so that it happens before any actual damage to the skin occurs. This is done through the use of melanotan. All one needs to do is take melanotan before going outside. The exposure to a small amount of sunlight is all it takes after that to get a great tan. It'll produce the same kind of tan one would get after hours of sun exposure. But it'll do so without any risk to one's skin or health.