Melanotan is the name given to a peptide type known as melanotropin peptide. This peptide is an analog of a hormone which is called alpha-melanocyte. The peptide, which is normally created so as to be circulated within the skin layer, is used by those who want to get a tan. Melanotan 1 is not as potent as Melanotan 2. The latter usually targeted as more receptors. The benefit of using Melanotan 2 is that it comes with better absorption.

How to Use Melanotan

Using Melanotan is as easy as injecting it beneath the skin. It usually comes frozen and dried and it binds receptors on the skin. These receptors influence not only the skin pigmentation but also things like appetite, sexual function and skin inflammation.

Anyone who has a fair skin and would like to get a tan or a darker looking skin can achieve the look with ease. The tan is effective in ensuring that the skin is protected from harmful UV rays of the sun. The peptide works in such a way that you get several dosages for the tan to remain. The therapy is on-going and it could take some time before the tan is perfect and excellent results.

Usually, users are advised to buy the melanotan dosage for at least three months. Three months is the conventional full tanning season. The dosage is always dependent on the skin type of the user and their health history.

Melanotan for Weight Loss

The peptide is also known for being used as a treatment for weight loss. There are components in it which help in controlling weight gain by improving the oxidation levels in fatty acids. This, in turn, increases insulin sensitivity. Subsequently, the body feels full even though you have not eaten much.



For those who have not heard of Melanotan, it is a special tanning peptide that increases your body's ability to create melanin within your skin. When you use melanotan, you will end up with a natural and deep tan that makes your friends jealous. Melanin is a compound naturally produced by the body. It shields you from radiation damage and makes your skin darker. It will look just like you have gone to the beach. Melanotan stimulates melanin production. When you use melanotan,don't be surprised when people start complimenting you on your beautiful skin. Melanotan is much safer for you than exposing yourself to the sun for many hours. UV radiation is well known to cause skin cancer. Melanotan will help you get dark easily without putting your health at risk.


How Does Melanotan Work?

Melanotan was created to mimic your body's natural response to tanning in the sun. It gives you the same results as sitting by the swimming pool all day or a weekend at the beach in just a few hours. For fair skinned people, this is the best way to get a healthy tan appearance. You will not risk burning your skin. You will not have to feel the pain of sunburns or look awful due to peeling skin. Your skin will tan the fastest it ever has, and it will even heal from damage at a quicker rate.


Melanotan still requires you to get some exposure to the sun in order to be effective. It is a very flexible product. You may take a tiny dose every few weeks to get the tan color that you want. Then to maintain your tan, continue injecting melanotan every two weeks. This product works, and it is easy.



Tanning can be potentially dangerous and more so not everyone seems capable of acquiring a tan. Many can lay out in the sun exposed to harmful UV rays and acquire nothing more than a painful sunburn, while others can go to tanning beds and get a beautiful tan, but are still exposed to the same harmful rays that cause things like skin cancer. What if I told you, you could still get that same great tan without the exposure to harmful UV rays? Look no further than melanotan for that safe and all natural tan without any of the harm.

Melanotan is a peptide that is made naturally in the body and occurs when the body acts when it's damaged by UV, thus the body will cause your skin to appear a bit darker. Obviously, if exposed to enough UV it can be dangerous and thus cause people to develop serious skin conditions like cancer among other things.

Melanotan works by getting the body to work in the same way as it would if a person were to tan when exposed to the UV without getting the harmful exposure to UV rays. When using the product, the users body is regenerating faster than it typically would and thus not taking the damage it otherwise would. When you purchase the product, you'll see it comes in a powder form in which you'll then add a sterile water and inject just beneath the surface of the skin. The skin absorbs the Melanotan and spreads itself evenly throughout the skin. With this product you require very little exposure to the sun and thus are able to get that beautiful tanning experience without all the exposure and dangers that are associated with tanning beds and exposure to the sun.


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Melanotan Helps Keep Fair Skinned Individuals From Burning in the Sun

The mapping of the human DNA has led to some interesting new products. One product utilizes the same principles found in the body's system of receptors to generate more pigmentation. Known as Melanotan, the new product replicates the same processes used by the body to create melanin, which is the key component in skin pigmentation. People who choose to use the new formula can actually achieve deeper, darker tans. The tan a person develops through the use of Melanotan will be in keeping with their natural skin pigmentation. Fair skinned individuals will develop rich golden tans, while dark skinned individuals will develop deep bronze tans.

The Benefits of Tanning

One of the reasons people choose to use Melanotan is to avoid the dangers associated with being exposed to the sun's UV rays. People with light skin have a tendency to burn if their skin is not protected with a high SPF sunscreen. The susceptibility to burning could also lead to skin cancer. Using Melanotan allows the skin to develop darker pigmentation when exposed to the sun, thus reducing the effects of burning and the potential of developing skin cancer. This beneficial effect is due to the saturation of pigment within the skin cells that Melanotan provides.

Additional Benefits

As a naturally formulated hormone, Melanotan has also proven effective for controlling appetite. Some people choose to take this peptide as an alternative method for suppressing their hunger when they want to lose weight. It has also been shown to help fight against skin inflammation and assist in certain sexual functions. Although all of the benefits provided by melanotan are desirable, the primary benefit of the hormone is its ability to create more pigmentation for the skin. Melanotan is an injectible formula that can be used year round to give skin a natural healthy glow.