Need A Speedy Tan?

Want a great tan this summer without spending so much time laying out in the sun or in a tanning bed? Here is a great solution to save you time and get a sexy looking tan quickly! Melanotan is a really amazing product designed to work with very little exposure to the sun.

Does Melanotan Really Work?

Absolutely! It works much quicker than traditional ways of tanning because of the peptide designed to stimulate the body's response to UV ray exposure. This is very beneficial to those with fair skin, that is likely to burn rather than tan when exposed to the rays of the sun. It does require some sunlight, but it is much less time because of the ingredient peptide.

How Is It Used?

Melanotan is injected into the skin using a needle. Proper instructions are included on how to use Melanotan. Even though Melanotan is considered a drug, it is still much safer than using a tanning bed, with much quicker results.

Is this a safe way to tan?

Melanotan is much safer to use than a tanning bed. It is also safer than laying out in the sun alone because melanotan can help protect all the layers of the skin. It is important to realize that this product is not designed to cure or prevent skin cancer. Do your research before you decide to use Melanotan, as there are numerous products on the web which look similar. However, they are fake. Use caution and read up on the use of this product to determine if it is right for you.

Are There Side Effects?

Yes. Melano tan has minor side effects that include the following: Nausea, Loss of appetite, fatigue and facial flushing. It should also be noted that this product can cause an erection in men for a few hours after injection. It also has an increase in the libido for both men and women.