Science is a part of life

Everyone's familiar with science, at least to a degree. Basic scientific literacy is a prerequisite of even fairly basic education. At the same time though, this is often so abstract that people don't know how important science actually is. People know about scientific advances and some of the nomenclature. It's far less common for people to know just how many groundbreaking advances might actually impact their lives in the here and now. A great example for anyone who cares about their appearance is melanotan. Everyone knows that a great tan will make someone more attractive. Most people are also quite aware of how often a tan goes along with damage to someone's skin after a while. But what most people don't know is that this is a somewhat misleading grasp of cause and effect. The general perception many people have is that a tan in and of itself will damage skin. But in reality a tan is just pigment which is naturally stored and produced in the human body. The pigment is released in response to damaged skin cells. Traditional tanning is the process by which continual damage to the skin results in a continual release of dark pigment. The tan isn't unhealthy. But the traditional way people get a tan is unhealthy. Science has stepped in with a whole new way to tan, and it's totally safe and effective. 

How tanning really works

Researchers realized that all they needed to do was find a way to keep tanning pigments flowing even when skin cells aren't being damaged. The solution is now on the market, and it's called melanotan. Melanotan is taken shortly before exposure to sunlight. One can stay fully within the safe level of sun exposure when getting that sunlight. Even a small amount will start the melanotan based tanning experience. From there one's body will essentially continue to generate and distribute tanning pigments to skin cells. It's not an imitation tan or something done externally. The tan is just as real as one attained through sunbathing. The only difference is that a melanotan tan is safe and healthy.