A tan looks healthy but it can be deceiving

Tans are one of the best signs that there's a whole world of fun out there to be had. It tends to go along with a lot of the things people love about summer weather. People tan when they're out at the beach, jogging in a favorite area or doing any of a wide variety of fun activities. Even better, it tends to go along with physical activity in general. When someone has a tan they're not just looking great. A tan also makes a statement to the world. It tells people that the tanned individual is fun and loves to be active outdoors. Obviously, everyone knows intellectually that this might not be the case. One can and often will get a tan simply by laying down and soaking up some sun. But what people know and what people feel is often quite different. This also leads to one big problem with tanning. It feels healthy, but it usually isn't. However, there is one method of tanning that is just as healthy as it looks.  

Modern techniques come to the rescue

The secret is something known as melanotan. Researchers looked into the actual mechanism by which people tan. It turns out that it doesn't really have all that much to do with the sun. The sun acts as a continual trigger which prompts one's body to release dark pigments. But the sun is only really needed to start the process. Using melanotan essentially keeps the on signal going once the sun triggers the tanning process. It will keep the tanning process going without requiring someone to get an unhealthy amount of sun. This creates a tan that doesn't just look good. It also allows one to feel good over a lifetime thanks to the fact that it's healthier than traditional tanning.