Melanotan is something that will help you get the best tan you have ever had in your life. It will provide you with a natural looking tan instead of one of the fake tans that are on the market today. It works with your bodies natural response to sunlight to help you get a wonderful tan, melanotan does not take a lot of sunlight to work, you will not have to be out in the sun for hours at a time to get a tan. You will only need to be in the sun for a short period of time because the melanotan stimulates the bodies response to tanning.

There is no risk

There is no risk to using this product because it is developed for people that are prone to developing skin cancer such as those with very pale skin. It will heal any damaged skin cells that you already have damaged by being in the sun for longer than you should have been.

How do you use the product

It will be shipped directly to you as a powder and all you have to do is add water and put in a vial. Once the mixture is created you will need to inject it directly under the skin. Your skin will absorb the injection mixture and spread it through out your body. You will continue to do this until you have reached the color you wish to become. If you want to be really dark tan then you will use the product longer than a person who just wants a small tan. However, you long you decide to use the product is strictly up to you.

This is a product that will make you extremely happy to use.