Have you found a store that sells melanotan on the Internet, and believe the price is quite cheap? Are you not sure, though, if that store is selling it at the lowest price or if there may be a chance of finding it cheaper elsewhere?

If you have not yet committed to buying the melanotan you want at a particular shop, follow these instructions to make sure the price you are being quoted is the best one you can get.

A simple search – Oftentimes, just running a simple search for the name of the product plus the keyword ‘cheap’ can go a long way towards helping you find the lowest price there is.

Start your melanotan search online, check out at least 10 sites on the first couple of pages of the search results and make a note of their prices. Add in the cost of shipping what you want on each site, as that is the true price you will pay.

Buy from a store that does not charge tax – You can also lower your costs by buying from a store that does not charge tax on your purchase. As these stores are usually those located out of the country, start your search at stores in Europe, Asia and South America. Canada too may be a good option.

Just be sure that the cost of international shipping and the cost of your order is not more than you would save on tax.

Use online resources – There are also online resources you can use to check that a price you are being quoted is the cheapest price you are going to get.

This can be done by navigating your browser to a price comparison site and running the shops you are interested in through their application. If a site appears that is quoting a cheaper price, check it out.