Mother Nature And Melatonin


Most every person has heard of Mother Nature. She has had her fingers in a lot of pies, but melatonin is not one of them. Oh, some companies may use her name and put a dab of melatonin in their product, but she also knows your body already makes this sleep aid naturally, ergo, she keeps her distance. A little research about sleep and sleep habits will inform you that tons of men, women and children have trouble sleeping. When your melatonin levels are low, your body sort of dozes off in sending what has been stored into your bloodstream resulting in a sleepless night and a lot of tossing and turning. That, of course, leaves you feeling lousy and fatigued that even six cups of strong coffee can't fix nor working out at the gym or jogging 10 miles in the dark.


Question: What Is Melatonin, Really?


Simply said, melatonin is what helps make you tell your mind that you feel sleepy. Which means melatonin is the real key in regulating your internal clock that medical folks call "circadian rhythm." That said, remember that your body is not stupid. As it gets later in the evening and dark outside, it's time for your body to go to work so it cranks out some high doses of melatonin which is usually a little after 8:00 p.m. Once your levels have reached its peak, these same levels drop again. Keep in mind that help's induce sleep but will not maintain sleep.


Note: Beware that most melatonin you buy at a drug store contains high doses. Since the feds don't require FDA's approval be careful what you purchase. Some melatonin research has shown that some supplements don't contain the real thing pertaining to what the label says. For more info click on melanotan.