Melanotan II is a peptide which is synthetically created which is responsible for inducing melanogenesis, increasing libido to both male and female. In some cases, it also acts as an appetite suppressant through stimulating a particular melanocortin protein hormone in the body. These are some of the major reasons as to why individuals have been noted to use Melanotan II and incorporate it into their day to day activity. With this in mind, what many people don’t know is how it works precisely to bring about such results. People have been seen buying the Melanotan II online as some online shops have adopted selling it through social media and online platforms.

How Melanotan II works

Just like melanocyte stimulating hormone which is responsible for increasing the skin darkening pigments is the same way Melanotan II is formulated. Through this, it can stimulate the way the body respond to tanning which comes in handy for individuals with fair and extremely fair skin. With the help of Melanotan II, the brain can be stimulated thus increasing the male or female libido. For one to experience high libido, it begins with the brain being stimulated with sexual hormones, and for those individuals as with low libido, the Melanotan II is capable of stimulating the brain bringing about increased sexual desire.

Some of the expected benefits of using Melanotan II

  • For individuals who would like losing their weight, Melanotan II helps in doing so through suppressing appetite
  • For the male counterpart, Sexual stimulation can be achieved through the peptide stimulating the brain bringing about blood flow to the genital area resulting in an erection.
  • For individuals who experience low libido/ low sexual desire, melanotan helps in increasing the libido for both male and female.